How to Price The Items for Your Garage Sale

Setting up and organizing your garage items for sale can be a difficult task. You need to answer these questions: What to sell? How to sell? At what price to sell? It is essential to properly price four garage items so that they would sell quickly, but for a profit. Pricing your garage items is a skill that you need to develop over time. In this article, we shall consider some basic ways on how to resolve this headache.

What is your goal for setting up a garage sale?

First, you have to understand the reason why you are setting up a garage sale. Is it to clear away your garage items or you have some valuable garage items that you’d like to earn a profit from? If your goal is the former, then it is wise to lower your asking price so as to attract potential buyers. However, if you want to make some profits from your garage sales, you may decide to sell your garage items at a higher price so that you can make profits from them.

What is the condition of your garage items?

Another factor that determines your pricing is the condition and age of your garage item. Sometimes, your garage items may contain old and obsolete items, scratched and rough items, and fairly-new items. Categorize these items in such a manner with a view to setting a fair price tag on them. Generally, an item in a poor condition should normally be priced away at the lowest price possible.

What is an item’s market value?

A better way to price your garage items is by finding out their current market value. Prior to your garage sales day, figure out what a new version of what you are about to sell would be worth. An idea of their current market value will give you an insight into how much to sell your items.

Visit other garage sales

How much are other people selling the same or almost the same item at their sales? Attend some garage sales prior to yours to view and observe the price other people are selling their items. This will give you a clue on how to better price your items.

Invite an expert

Do you have a friend, relative, co-worker or family member who has organized garage sales before or have experience in the related field? Call them and ask for their assistance. You will be amazed at how much they will assist you in setting a realistic value for your items.