De-Clutter and Make Money – Host A Garage Sale!

Planning on hosting a garage sale? Remember these tricks of the trade:

1.   Talk to your neighbors!

Ask your neighbors whether they would be interested in organizing a garage sale on the same date as your garage sale. Ideally, organize a community-wide garage sale. More garage sales in your area mean that you will have more visitors, which will result in you selling more of your inventory faster, and for more money.

2.   Determine whether there are any legal requirements.

For example, in many municipalities, you need a license to host a garage sale. This can cost money, but you can split the cost with any friends who want to sell their items, at your garage sale. Alternatively, if you host a community-wide garage sale, the community association may itself pay this cost.

3.   Gather together the merchandise that you wish to sell.

Ask family, friends, co-workers, and basically any person you can think of, whether they wish to sell any items at your garage sale. Shoppers want a variety of merchandise, so try and stock up! One man’s junk is another man’s treasure (those scratched, burnt frying pans are needed by some delighted buyers as cast iron frying pans for camping). Notwithstanding the foregoing, as a general rule, you should be choosy. Don’t take broken toys from your friends or toys that are missing the “essential parts”, likewise, don’t accept torn or stained clothing, defective houseware and so on.

4.   Give yourself time to organize.

Garage sale shoppers’ start early: if you advertise that your garage sale starts at 9:30 a.m., you better plan on opening your garage, ready-to-go by 9 a.m. because you will have shoppers dropping by your house to peruse your goodies by 8:45 a.m. Therefore, start organizing for your garage sale at least 3 days previous and have your garage completely organized the evening preceding the sale. In the morning, pull your tables out onto the driveway, and you can begin.

5.   Presentation is key.

Make sure that your merchandise is organized in an attractive and logical fashion. It can make a big difference.

6.   Create a busy appearance.

Invite family and friends to visit you during the course of the day. It will make your day run faster, and more importantly, it will make your garage sale more attractive to prospective shoppers.

7.   Involve your children.

You might think that you have to ship off your children to spend the day with a friend because they will be bored. You might be surprised… assuming the children are of an age where they do not require constant supervision, gain their interest by involving them in appropriate aspects of the garage sale. For example, have your children place the stickers on the merchandise, or have them place the change into the change-purchase at the back of the garage.

Lastly, keep refreshments handy.

In particular, keep fresh, cool water nearby and appropriate snacks to keep your energy and spirits high.