Cleaning House To Prep For Your Garage Sale

You’ve decided that it is time to de-clutter the house, but the task of sorting what needs to stay and what needs to go can be overwhelming. One of the best ways to clean your house and reap a profit is to organize your clutter into things that can be sold at a garage sale. It is true that holding such a sale is not an easy task, but when you think of the impact that throwing things away will have on the environment, and the money that can potentially make an impact on your wallet, holding it becomes a much more viable option. Use the tips and tricks below to help you clean your house for your garage sale so that it will be a success.

Go Top to Bottom
The best thing to do when starting to clean is to move from the top of your house to the bottom. In the case of clearing out the clutter, that means starting in the attic and moving down. You may be tempted to skip the attic, but there is a treasure trove of items in there that will sell well at a garage sale. Remember that old clock that you received for the holidays, but that just is not your style? In a garage sale, it may sell very well and give you enough money to purchase a newer, electronic clock that is more to your liking. As you work down from the attic, move onto bedrooms, the main floor, and the basement. It will take awhile to get through each level of your home, so start sorting and cleaning well in advance of your garage sale date.

Put it in Piles
The trick to cleaning for a garage sale is to sort things into three piles. You will have a pile of things that you are going to keep, things that will be going to the garage sale, and a pile of trash. Be ruthless about your decisions about what will stay and what will go. In the same fashion, throw away things that are broken or beyond repair, as no one will want to buy your junk any more than you want to keep it. As you sort, move the garage sale items to the garage or shed where you can store them until the sales day. The difference in the lack of clutter will amaze you and keep you motivated.

Once everything for the garage sale has been moved out of the house, evaluate the things that remain. You may find that some of the items that you had decided to keep would be better off in the garage sale pile. Do not hesitate to add to the sale pile if you find things that need to go. With fewer items in the house, you will find that organizing and rearranging things is a lot easier. Take the time to carefully sort through every aspect of your home. If your garage is overflowing with potential sale items, you can opt for a two-day sale to get rid of everything.

The garage sale is the best way to earn some cash for those items you do not need in your house anymore. So, while cleaning your house, you should pack and arrange those items for garage sales instead of disposing of them. You will be amazed at how much you will make from them.